18 Beginner Venison Recipes

“Basic cooking skills are a virtue… the ability to feed yourself and a few others with proficiency should be taught to every young man and woman as a fundamental skill..”

- Anthony Bourdain

One of the first recipes many new hunters make has to be jerky. Deer jerky is easy, delicious and a perfect on-the-go snack.

Venison Meatballs are an easy, low fat alternative to beef! These Venison Meatballs can be baked, or air fried to make them even healthier!

Venison Enchiladas

These Venison Enchiladas are one of our favorite ways to enjoy venison! The venison is slow cooked and then shredded, the same you would with pork!

Venison Chili

This Chunky Venison Chili is so very tender and it was made with one of the tougher cuts of the deer, from the rear leg. 

Easy Venison Stew

This Venison Stew is so easy! It’s so much healthier than beef, and has just as much flavor. 

This Venison with Blackberry Sauce is elegant enough for company but easy enough for any weeknight dinner!

Venison Blackberry Sauce

Venison Wellington is an easy, gourmet meal that will impress your guests! It’s made with store bought phyllo sheets, so it comes together in 20 minutes!

Venison Wellington

Another easy, delicious venison recipe! This Chicken Fried Venison is the epitome of Southern comfort food! Lightened up a bit because we use venison!

Chicken Fried Venison 

Venison Bone Broth


This venison bone broth or venison stock is so easy. It’s the key to making delicious soups and stews with deer meat.

How to make Venison sausage


Venison Shanks

Venison Neck Roast

How to make Corned Venison

This Corned Venison is so easy! You just need a couple of cheap items that you probably do not have in your pantry! 

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