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25 Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen to Send You on a Trip Down Memory Lane

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Transport yourself back in time with our collection of vintage recipes; each one is a lovely journey into the culinary traditions of yesteryear, passed down from generation to generation. Rediscover the homely warmth and comfort only grandma’s cooking can offer with these cherished classics. Offering a taste of bygone eras, our curated selection spans from hearty casseroles to luscious desserts, all crafted to bring the flavors of the past straight to your modern kitchen.

No matter your kitchen experience, these recipes are within your reach. Step back in time and savor the simplicity and authenticity of vintage cooking with these timeless dishes. Every recipe offers a glimpse into our ancestors’ world, inviting us to keep the tradition alive.

Jackie Kennedy’s Casserole Marie Blanche

A delicious marie blanche casserole in a bowl.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Jackie Kennedy’s Casserole Marie Blanche is a timeless dish that embodies simplicity. Fluffy egg noodles in a cheesy sauce are a unique side dish for pork, poultry, or beef. Its refined flavors and comforting appeal make it a beloved recipe that evokes a sense of grace and sophistication, like Jackie Kennedy. Get the recipe: Jackie Kennedy’s Casserole Marie Blanche.

Easy Stacked Enchiladas – Vintage Recipe

Stacked enchiladas topped with shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These stacked enchiladas are a nostalgic recipe, combining layers of savory flavors and simple preparation. This timeless dish features stacked tortillas filled with seasoned meat, gooey cheese, and zesty enchilada sauce. This vintage recipe from a favorite old cookbook is perfect for any occasion and easily brings traditional home cooking to your table.  Get the recipe: ​​Easy Stacked Enchiladas.

Jackie Kennedy’s Fluffy Waffle Recipe

Two plates with waffles and blueberries.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

This waffle recipe yields light and fluffy waffles with a delightful crispy crust, all while being incredibly easy to prepare. Legend has it, they were JFK’s favorite breakfast! Get the recipe: Jackie Kennedy’s Fluffy Waffle Recipe.

Oven Braised Meatball Stew

Meatball stew in a bowl with carrots.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Oven meatball stew is a timeless recipe that’s remarkably easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! It’s an enjoyable one-pot meal that’s sure to please. Get the recipe: Oven Braised Meatball Stew.

Haselnussmakronen, German Hazelnut Macaroons

Macaroons with hazelnuts.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These German Hazelnut Macaroons, or Haselnussmakronen, are easy to make, boasting a light and flavorful profile. Plus, they’re naturally gluten and dairy-free, making them a versatile treat for all! Get the recipe: Haselnussmakronen, German Hazelnut macaroons

Dutch Chocolate Cookies

Stacked chocolate cookies on a plate.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These Dutch Cocoa Cookies are absolutely divine. Rich, dark, and intensely chocolaty, they’re a slice-and-bake cookie, making them incredibly easy to prepare. The cocoa powder infuses them with plenty of chocolate flavor, minus the excess fat! Get the recipe: Dutch Chocolate Cookies

Gugelhupf – Kugelhopf

A sweet bread with powder.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

This Gugelhupf, also known as Kugelhopf, is a classic German sweet bread, perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea alongside a steaming cup of coffee, ideal for dipping. Get the recipe: Gugelhupf – Kugelhopf.

Molasses Cookies

Five pieces molasses cookies on a plate.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Enjoy the charm of our soft and chewy molasses cookies, with each bite delivering a delectable combination of rich, deep molasses flavor and a perfectly tender texture. These handcrafted sweets are like grandma used to make, ideal for individuals who enjoy the warmth of traditional, familiar flavors. Get the recipe: Molasses Cookies.

Lace Cookies

Stacked lace cookies.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These lace cookies, born from a blend of simple ingredients – butter, sugar, flour, and oats – undergo a magical transformation in the oven, emerging as thin, delicate confections with a lovely crunch. Whether enjoyed as a standalone snack or paired with a cup of tea or coffee, lace cookies are delicate and delicious, making them a cherished favorite among cookie lovers worldwide. Get the recipe: Lace Cookies

Vanillekipferl – Crescent Cookies

Vanillekipferl dusted with powdered sugar.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Vanillekipferl, those fragile crescent-shaped cookies kissed with powdered sugar dusting, are a timeless testament to European baking heritage. Hailing from Austria, these cookies have been woven into the fabric of holiday traditions, spreading their joy far and wide across homes worldwide. Get the recipe: Vanillekipferl – Crescent Cookie

Apple cookies with cinnamon sticks on the side.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Apple Cookies are the easiest treat to prepare. The inside is soft and chewy, and the apples and almonds add a pleasant crunch. Get the recipe: Apple Cookies—Easy Drop Cookie for the Fall.

Jam Filled Cookies

Cookies with jam inside.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Step back in time with these delightful Jam-Filled Cookies! Crafted from a rich brown sugar cut-out dough, their flavor is simply irresistible. Packed with nuts and jam, these treats are delicious and incredibly easy to make. Get the recipe: Jam Filled Cookies.

Christmas cookies on a plate.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Hildabrötchen or Spitzbuben are cherished German Christmas cookies filled with flavorful currant jam. The dough is a joy to handle, making baking a wonderful experience! Get the recipe: Hildabrötchen | Spitzbuben Shortbread Cookie with Jam. 

Santa claus cut out cookies.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Featuring a crisp exterior and a soft, tender inside, these cut-out cookies are unparalleled in taste and texture. Whether enjoyed plain or adorned with decorations, this recipe promises to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser! Get the recipe: Santa Claus Cut Out Cookie Recipe.

Crispy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal cookies with raisins.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

This recipe offers a perfect blend of hearty oats, plump raisins, and a pleasing crunch. Baked to perfection, these cookies boast a golden-brown exterior with a tender yet crisp texture that delights with every bite. Packed with great flavors and nostalgic appeal, they’re a timeless treat perfect for any occasion. Get the recipe: Crispy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Bacon Egg Potato Salad

Bacon and egg potato salad with egg slices.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Bacon Egg Potato Salad combines the flavors of bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and tender potatoes, creating a perfect dish for any occasion. With its rich and creamy dressing coating every bite, this salad is a beloved classic that never fails to delight the taste buds. Get the recipe: Bacon Egg Potato Salad.

Macaroni tuna salad

Macaroni tuna salad in a bowl with egg.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Macaroni tuna salad is a refreshing dish, combining tender pasta with flavorful tuna and crisp vegetables. Perfect for a quick lunch or a light dinner, it’s a versatile and easy-to-make option that never disappoints. Get the recipe: Macaroni Salad with Tuna.

Old Fashioned Rhubarb Pie

A slice of rhubarb pie on a plate.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Old Fashioned Rhubarb Pie is a timeless dessert that celebrates the tartness of rhubarb balanced with just the right amount of sweetness, all encased in a flaky, golden crust. With its nostalgic flavors and aroma, it’s a beloved classic that evokes memories of homemade goodness with every bite. Get the recipe: Old Fashioned Rhubarb Pie.

Rainbow Cake, Light and Fruity Jello Cake

A slice of rainbow cake on a plate.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Rainbow Cake, Light and Fruity Jello Cake, is a whimsical and vibrant dessert bursting with layers of colorful gelatin and fluffy cake. With its playful appearance and refreshing flavors, it’s sure to bring joy to any celebration or gathering. Get the recipe: Rainbow Cake, Light and Fruity Jello Cake.

Green Chile Chicken Pozole | Pozole Verde

Chicken pozole with onions and veggies.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Green Chile Pork Pozole, also known as Pozole Verde, is a delicious Mexican soup featuring tender pork, hominy, and a flavorful broth infused with green chilies and herbs. With its bold, spicy-savory profile and heartiness, it’s a beloved dish that brings warmth to any table. Get the recipe: Green Chile Pork Pozole | Pozole Verde

Canning Tomato Juice

Two glasses and two cans of tomato juices.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Canning tomato juice allows you to preserve the vibrant flavors of ripe tomatoes year-round, creating a pantry staple that’s perfect for soups, sauces, and drinks. With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the fresh taste of garden tomatoes whenever you desire, making it a convenient and delicious addition to any kitchen. Get the recipe: Canning Tomato Juice.

Canning Tomato Sauce

Three cans of tomato sauce.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Canning tomato sauce offers a convenient way to preserve the rich flavors of ripe tomatoes, providing a versatile base for countless dishes. With careful preparation and proper canning techniques, you can enjoy homemade tomato sauce throughout the year, ensuring a taste of summer, even in the depths of winter. Get the recipe: Canning Tomato Sauce.

Pasta with Peas and Ham

Pasta with peas, ham and veggie on the side.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Pasta with peas and ham is a comforting and flavorful dish that combines tender pasta, sweet peas, and savory ham in a creamy sauce. Its simple yet satisfying ingredients make it a quick and delicious meal perfect for busy weeknights or casual gatherings. Get the recipe: Pasta with Peas and Ham.


Beige bowl filled with homemade spaetzle garnished with parsley.Pin
Photo credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

German Spaetzle, or Spätzle, is an easy, homemade egg noodle that is delicious with any German cuisine, or a side for any protein of your choice. This vintage recipe can be made with a machine or by hand and only takes about 15 minutes. Get the Recipe: Spaetzle.

Colcannon Irish Mashed Potatoes

Colcannon in a bowl.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Colcannon Irish Mashed Potatoes is a traditional Irish dish of creamy mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage, or kale, butter, and sometimes scallions. With its rich flavors and hearty texture, it’s been a beloved comfort food for centuries. Get the recipe: Colcannon Irish Mashed Potatoes.

Epic Pickle Recipes

Jars of colorful pickles.Pin
Photo Credit: Canva.

Here is a pickle lover’s paradise. Dive into a world of tangy, crisp delights with our collection of homemade pickles. From classic dill to spicy garlic and sweet variations, there’s a flavor for every palate. We’ll include pickle relishes to add to your sandwiches, sauces, and recipes. Get the Recipes: 21 Epic Pickles.

Venison Recipes

Slices of venison jerky in and around a mason jar in a rustic décor.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

You need to figure out what to do with all the venison you harvested this season? No worries! Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or need inspiration, our recipes are here to rescue you. From summer grills to hearty stews, through all the international cuisine and smoked goodies in the middle, discover the joy of cooking with venison – it’s rewarding, tasty, and healthier. Get the Recipes: 31 Venison Recipes to Spark Your Creativity.

Friday Fish Recipes

Breaking off flaky fish with a fork.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Dive into a sea of flavors with our tempting fish recipe collection! Whether you’re observing Fish Friday or just a seafood enthusiast, we have something for you. From easy freshwater fish recipes to succulent grouper, these recipes will satisfy every palate. Get the Recipe: Friday Fish Recipes.

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Krizel is a freelance author and contributor at Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

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