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Party Like You Mean It with 15+ Cinco de Mayo Sides That Are Absolute Game-Changers

Cinco de Mayo offers the perfect opportunity to dazzle your guests with a spread of sides that are as colorful as they are delicious. Each dish adds a unique flair to the festivities, from zesty corn and tangy pico de gallo to creamy guacamole and hearty refried beans. These sides are the cornerstone of an authentic celebration and offer various flavors that complement any main dish. Whether you’re hosting a large party or a small gathering, ensure your menu stands out with these essential Cinco de Mayo sides that promise to leave your guests craving more. Elevate your feast and make this Cinco de Mayo unforgettable with sides that are the true stars of the table.

Frijoles/Refried Beans

Two green bowls of refried beans.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These slow-cooked refried beans take only 5 minutes to prep, turn on the slow cooker, and leave them. No soaking of the beans is required. They turn out perfectly smooth and creamy and are the perfect side for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Get the Recipe: Refried Beans.

Southwestern Garbanzo Salad

Close up of colorful Southwestern salad.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Southwestern Salad, with garbanzos, has a chipotle, lime, and roasted garlic dressing. The chipotle in the dressing gives it a bit of a kick. Load it up with fresh veggies, and you have a colorful, delicious salad for any occasion. Get the Recipe: Southwest Salad.

Spicy Coleslaw

Spicy coleslaw in a black bowl with a large rim.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Spicy coleslaw is a zesty twist on the classic side dish, perfect for those who love a little extra kick in their meals. This recipe combines crisp vegetables with a fiery dressing, creating a deliciously bold and refreshing salad. It’s perfect to serve with fish or seafood tacos. Get the Recipe: Spicy Coleslaw.

Pineapple Coleslaw

Pineapple coleslaw in a white bowl with a large rim.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Whether you need a dish to pass for a potluck or you are enjoying some delicious seafood tacos, this Pineapple slaw is just what you need. It’s incredibly easy and will be a hit every time. To save time, buy a precut bag of coleslaw mix. Get the Recipe: Pineapple Coleslaw.

Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Roasted corn salsa in a small bowl, with fall flowers.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

This Roasted Corn Salsa has a wonderfully smoky flavor from the roasted corn and roasted garlic. It is easy, a bit spicy, and a great late summer recipe that you can enjoy for months. Get the Recipe: Corn Salsa.

How to Make Jiffy Cornbread Better

Squares of cornbread in a wicker basket.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

How to make Jiffy Cornbread Better? Jiffy Cornbread is delicious. But with a couple of simple additions, you can make it even better. Find out how with our recipe. Get the Recipe: Cornbread.

Tortilla Chips

Healthy tortilla chips served on a platter alongside red salsaPin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These Healthy Tortilla chips only use three ingredients and are cooked in the air fryer in less than 10 minutes. They are super crispy, fresh, and delicious. The perfect side dish for your Cinco de Mayo Celebrations. Get the Recipe: Tortilla Chips.

Fermented Hot Sauce

Bottles of fermented hot sauce on a black board.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Making fermented peppers at home to make hot sauce is easy. Fermented Hot Sauce is a great way to use all of your chili peppers at the end of the season. Get the Recipe: Fermented Hot Sauce.

Peach Salsa

Glass bowl filled with peach salsa.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Canning Peach Salsa is way easier than you imagine. How nice would it be to have your own homemade salsa? It’s so much better than the commercial stuff. Get the Recipe: Peach Salsa.

Salsa Verde

Corn chip dipped into green salsa which is in white bowl on a colorful Mexican blanket towelPin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Salsa verde is very easy. This step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know to make it and can it, too! Salsa Verde.

Pickled Red Onion

Jar of pickled red onions next to a pile of them on a white board.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

These quick pickled onions are so easy! They will only take five minutes of your time, and they are so versatile. Add them to lots of dishes, like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. So delicious. Get the Recipe: Pickled Onions.

Pickled Radishes

Four jars of pickled radishes.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Pickled Radishes are super easy! No breaking out the canning pot in the heat of the summer! These are quick-pickled or cold-packed and are the perfect condiment for tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and more. Get the Recipe: Pickled Radishes.

Pickled Peppers

Red and green pickled peppers in jars.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

This recipe includes step-by-step instructions and a recipe for easily making pickled peppers at home. No cooking is required. These pickled jalapeños are great for entertaining on your Chili or Taco Bars. Get the Recipe: Pickled Peppers.

Cilantro Rice

White rice garnished with cilantro.Pin
Photo Credit: Pear Tree Kitchen

Cilantro Lime Rice is one of my requirements for a burrito or burrito bowl.  If you like your meat spicy like me, then this is required to cut some of the heat. Get the Recipe: Cilantro Rice.

Simple Guacamole

Guacamole in a white bowl with a tortilla chip.Pin
Photo Credit: Pear Tree Kitchen

This is a simple recipe for creamy guacamole, using only four ingredients: avocados, fresh lime juice, salt, and a secret ingredient that gives it a luscious texture. See our recipe for tips, tricks, and the secret ingredient. Get the Recipe: Guacamole.

Chorizo Dip

Woman's hand scooping chorizo dip out of bowl with a blue corn tortilla chip.Pin
Photo Credit: Dishes Delish.

This cheesy chorizo dip is spicy, gooey, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Serve it with tortilla chips or crackers to enjoy your new favorite appetizer. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with friends and family. Get the Recipe: Chorizo Dip.

Chile con Queso Dip

Woman's hand scooping dip out of bowl with a tortilla chip.Pin
Photo Credit: Dishes Delish.

Everyone will gobble up this chile con queso dip! It is so cheesy and scrumptious that you will have to save a little of it in your kitchen to get your fair share before your guests eat it all. Get the Recipe: Chile con Queso.

The Ultimate Taco Bar

Section of a taco bar with various ramekins holding toppings and fillings.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

With some or all of the side dishes listed in this group of recipes, you can make the ultimate taco bar for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations! Feliz! Get the Recipe: Taco Bar.

Enchilada Extravaganza: Discover 12 Flavors Your Taste Buds Can’t Afford to Miss!

Over photo of tray filled with enchiladas.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

If you want something creamy, saucy, and delicious, use these enchilada recipes as your guide. Complete with tasty sauces, cheesy goodness, and your favorite ingredients, these meals will make you feel full and want more. Get the Recipes: Enchiladas.

Winter’s Bounty in Jars

Jar of lemons with fresh lemon and gray checked tea towel.Pin
Photo Credit: Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Winter canning is not only practical. It’s a delightful tradition. As the temperatures drop and fresh produce becomes scarce, turn to your pantry and freezer. Freeze fresh produce in the summer months and can it in the winter. Get the Recipe: Winter Canning.

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