My Favorite Kitchen Tools That Save Me Time and Money!

Having great Kitchen Tools is half of the challenge if you want to tackle cooking for your family with the least effort and time!

Fancy Cheese Board

The only items that I will put on this page, are ones that I use in my own kitchen…. AND LOVE!!

There are products that you have in your kitchen, and use just because they are there, and then there are others that you love! The proper kitchen tools can save you time and money!! Overall, they just make your life easier! Who doesn’t want to save time (and your sanity) to make favorite dishes, that are more flavorful, healthier and a whole lot cheaper than take out! If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear what products you love!

Keep checking in to this page as I will update, on occasion, when I find a great new kitchen tool!

Kitchen Tools – Appliances

I would be lost without my Kitchen-aid Mixer it’s been a great tool for over 20 years. It is a little more costly than the home model, this professional will do a huge double batch of the stiffest dough you can come up with. I also have the meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachments. The grinder works well for small quantities but the sausage stuffer is about as torturous as pulling teeth! This price is close to half of manufacturer’s suggested retail! At $357 USD, this is a great value!

Kitchen-Aid 8 Qt. Professional Mixer

Another great kitchen tool is a bread machine. Make home made bread, pizza dough, yeast breads, cinnamon rolls, etc. It saves you a ton of time and mess! No kneading or flour all over the counter to clean up! I always put the bread machine on the dough only setting. Mine has a paddle that cooks into the bottom of the bread and I hate that. Also, the shape is just prettier if you remove the dough after the first rise and let it rise again in a bread pan.

Bread Machine

How can your arsenal of tools be complete without a slow cooker? I have 3 different sizes!

The oldest one I have is a 1 qt. crockette that my Mom bought me when I left for college. It is great for cheese dips and artichoke dip. It is not available anymore except used.

This 3 qt. is the newest in my collection and is great for smaller dishes. I use it for creamed soups, refried beans, smaller pieces of meat, etc.

3 qt. Crockpot

My usual go-to is my 6 qt. It’s great for just about anything. Large batches of soup, pulled pork, carnitas. I haven’t tried bread in it but plan to soon!

6 qt. Crockpot

Kitchen Tools – Must-haves

One of my favorite kitchen tools, my boys got for me last year for Christmas! Obviously I’ve gone through a few cutting boards over the years but this is my favorite! I literally use it everyday, and there are no deep scratches. I love this!

Core Bamboo Cutting Board

Cole slaw that the cabbage is too thickly cut, is one of my pet peeves! I put my Jaccard Safehands mandolin on the thinnest setting I can and love the way my coleslaw comes out! It’s also great for potatoes (think chips), tomatoes (cut them as thin or thick as you like), or pickles (use the waffle cut blade for a nice presentation!). This kitchen tool saves a ton of time!

Jaccard Safe Hands Mandolin

No kitchen is complete without a chef’s best tool! A great kitchen knife is your best friend! This is my favorite shape. I never cut myself on this knife! Maybe I did to start with, but I’ve had it so long, I don’t recall! Bottom line is if you find a knife you love stick to it, and buy a great quality knife and it will last you a lifetime! And learn how to use the next essential kitchen tool!

8″ Henckel Chef’s Knife

A good quality steel is essential. It’s also important that you know how to use it. Here’s a short video to show you the technique.

Butcher Steel

Use a Lansky to repair damaged knives or use it if you have let the knife get really dull. A dull knife is the easiest knife to cut yourself with!


My salad spinner gets used daily! It makes quick work of washing and drying lettuce, spinach, sliced leeks and arugala, and kale. It takes up a bit of room so it may not be suited for a small kitchen but if you have the room to store it, it’s invaluable! This Oxo brand is cheap and has lasted me about 20 years!

Oxo Salad Spinner

Kitchen Tools – Hand Tools

This is a great tool from Jaccard! How pretty are these matchsticks!! I have never seen a tool such as this. Although perhaps some exist! I have Jaccard’s mandolin too! But this is so easy to grab out of the drawer and clean with a quick rinse! This is a hugely discounted price and free shipping! $4.99 compared with $34.00!

Jaccard Match Stick Grater

A microplane, or fine rasp is great for spices (think nutmeg), for hard cheeses (parmesan and romano) and also for hard veges or fruits, like carrots and apple.

Jaccard Fine Rasp

Kitchen tools save you time and money. I love these herb shears. They are especially handy for chives.

Herb Shears

A good box grater is fantastic for so many uses. Grating, shaving, and slicing.

Box Grater

Lastly, but certainly not least, my friend Ellen, who works for Jaccard, Inc. gave me all of the Jaccard items on this page. This was one of the first. I was skeptical at first, because I had never heard of the company. As I said in the introduction, I will only recommend items that I LOVE! Every item she has given me on this page, I Love!! I don’t get any monetary compensation from Jaccard, save the product. This is my honest opinion. The first time I saw these pigtail flippers, I said to myself “What on earth am I going to with these?” Boy was I wrong! These are one of the most useful tools in my arsenal! My husband loves the 19″ for grilling and I love the 12″ for flipping just about anything in a saute’ pan. I use it for chicken, pork, steaks, firm fish, vegetables, potatoes, you name it! You can see it in use in this YouTube video!

Pigtail Flippers

Enjoy! And have fun cooking!

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33 thoughts on “My Favorite Kitchen Tools That Save Me Time and Money!

  1. [email protected]

    Definitely a great selection of kitchen tools. I’m especially loving the bamboo cutting board!

    1. Binky Post author

      Thanks Luci! The matchstick grater is fun! I somehow can’t find a photo of the cuts it produces on either mine or husband’s feeds. I’ll take on tommorrow! Again, for the price, it’s well worth the space in your drawer! I’ll e-mail you a picture and add it to this post!!

    1. Binky Post author

      Aren’t the shears fun? They have their own little cleaning comb that is also a sheath so that you can always find it! Thanks Dorothy!

  2. Veena Azmanov

    Such a great round up of tools. A good tool can make a huge difference in cooking sometimes.. I have some – need to go check out those pigtail flippers.. will come handy for summer.

    1. Binky Post author

      They are really my favorite surprisingly! I never thought I would put them to use but they are super handy! Thanks Veena!

  3. Meeta

    A awesome selection of kitchen tools and gadgets. For me it’s my knives that are the most vital tools. But I have my eye on that crockpot too.

  4. Rae

    You’ve got a great collection of kitchen must-have’s. I always say a cook also needs a quality bottle opener so you can crack into your wine quicker! 😉

  5. Sarah

    I completely agree with all of these! Especially that stand mixer…it’s absolutely one of my favorite things in my entire house!!


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