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Photo Courtesy of All That’s Jas
Photo Courtesy of One Hungry Bunny

I was invited to join the Recipe Showdown by a lovely lady named Jas from All That’s Jas that I met on Instagram a few weeks ago. The hosts for February were Ann over at Grubbs and Critters and Patti from Hearth and Vine. The ingredient they chose was sage (one of my all-time favorite herbs). There is one ingredient every month, and you can submit as many recipes as you’d like. I’m pleased to announce that this recipe from Katie at One Hungry Bunny with this Roasted Beet Pesto and Greens Pasta Toss and I won the challenge for February!

I didn’t have too much time so I submitted two recipes that I had already done for the blog (which is perfectly acceptable!). This was the winning recipe, Truthahn (turkey) Schnitzel. Anyone can submit recipes and you have all month to do it, so get cooking!

Since Bunny and I won the challenge, the gauntlet is passed to us to be hosts for March! Therefore, Bunny and Binky are cohosting this challenge, ☺!

Bunny and Binky have put our heads together and come up with an ingredient for March that you will love!! So, the ingredient is… drumroll please…. Turmeric!

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Turmeric is a root, closely related to ginger and is native to southern Asia. It has been a common spice in Asian and Indian kitchens for milienia but is a grossly underused spice in the US. Turmeric is known to have many health benefits. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat IBS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cystic fibrosis and even has been shown to be useful as a Cancer preventative and may be useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s. The list is much longer than that, depending on your source of information. To top that all off, it is very versatile and imparts the most beautiful flavor to any dish! It adds greatly to soups and stews and is even great in smoothies, believe it or not!

If you have never used turmeric in your kitchen, give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Submit all of your recipes using this super-herb to

How does it work? You ask?

The participants, in addition to food bloggers, can be anyone interested to play and who has the ability to make their work published on the internet (photo gallery, forums, Facebook, etc.)

Rules of the game “Recipe Showdown”

The host site (me!) sets the key ingredient/food product that participants must use. The ingredient is given on the 1st of the month.
Any time during that month, participants make a dish with the given ingredient and publish the recipe on internet with a link to the homepage of the game, and a link to the post in which ingredient is given (host site).
The participant who has already published a recipe with a given ingredient, regardless of the date, can use it to share, following the same rules (link to the host site and the game homepage).
Participants have to e-mail the host page the following information:

– Name
– URL of the page where the recipe was published
– Photo of the finished dish
The host site will publish all submissions with links in a post at the end of that month and select a winner/new host site for the next month. The host site can, if they wish, send a small gift to the winner.
The host site will share the post on their social media.
Re-entering the same recipe and repeating the host site is allowed after 2 years (subject to change).

Here’s the deal:

The game homepage will keep a running list of all host sites and ingredients, hence the rule to link there (so we can keep track).

Let’s have fun and cook something up!

Share your creations on social media using hashtags #RecipeShowdown & #allthatsjas & #binkysculinarycarnival

31 thoughts on “Recipe Showdown – Cooking Game

  1. Ann

    Turmeric! That’s one of my favourite ingredients too and I know that I cannot live without turmeric. We even planted our own turmeric plant too. 🙂

    Thank you for participating in the challenge, Beth! Sending you a little something soon. And of course, congratulations! 😀

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    1. Binky Post author

      I love it smoothies! Especially tropical fruit smoothies, like pineapple and orange! Thanks for your comment, Liz! Come join us!

    1. Binky Post author

      Thank you April! It really is a great networking tool for bloggers, but is also open to any cook who chooses to send in a dish!

    1. Binky Post author

      I would be happy to answer any questions you have, Sarah. Basically you email me a link to any recipe you have that includes turmeric, and on March 31, Bunny and I will post all recipes (and link to your recipe) and choose a winner for March. Then, whoever wins the challenge with be the host for April and pick a different ingredient for all of us to try our hands at!

  3. Andrea @ Cooking with Mamma C

    I love the idea of picking a specific ingredient to try! Can you believe I’ve never tried turmeric? I actually bought some, and it’s just waiting patiently for me in my pantry. You’ve inspired me to get cooking with it!

    1. Binky Post author

      I think you will love it! I have several recipes on this site that are superb! Especially the Grilled Shrimp! If you give it a try this month, send me a link so I can add your recipe to the contest!

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